New and Improved Square One GO Bus Terminal

Square One GO Bus Terminal – serves 20,000 riders daily

Mississauga Square one is the second busiest bus hub in the regional transit network. With the new Square One GO Bus terminal, commuters now have a sheltered station servicing them.

The bus terminal closest to Station Gate and Centre View Drive is expected to serve 20,000 Go bus commuters daily. About 600 buses a day will travel through the new GO bus terminal. Platforms will have new public address system. The Terminal will provide ticketing windows manned by staff, ticket and fare vending machines, rider waiting area, washrooms, and screens displaying departure/ arrival times, routes and platforms.

Square One GO Bus Terminal – Part of the Bigger Picture

This new facility costs $6.5 million and will connect with the Hurontario LRT. This is part of the $1.6 billion project that the province announced last year it would fully fund.

More people come to work in Mississauga daily than leave and, over the next two decades, Peel Region will need to accommodate approximately 150,000 jobs and over 300,000 people, many of which will locate right here in downtown Mississauga. Nearly a quarter of that growth is expected to live and work in the area immediately surrounding the Hurontario LRT corridor,” says Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie.

People travel from this location not just within Mississauga but as far as Waterloo and Kitchener and to McMaster University, along the 407 corridor across the top and through the eastern parts of the region so this is a really important facility. Having the right facilities and services in place for our customers is critical for this very important transit link,” says Metrolinx CEO Bruce McCuaig.

The busiest bus terminal in the GO system is at Union Station which sees about 55,000 riders a day.

Source: Toronto Star, April 1, 2016

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