Hire a Buyer Agent

When looking for properties, consumers often find homes through popular Canadian Real Estate Association’s (CREA) owned mls.ca website. Some Mississauga buyers visit open houses to get an idea of properties on their wish list. This is all in good practice, as long as buyers understand their rights and know what the right method to find and buy a property is.

Just for the sake of getting an idea of what kind of property you may want to buy, it might make sense to look at MLS listings and or visit open houses, but you can’t get too serious. Once you understand what you want, and are motivated to buy, you should follow these right steps:

Choose your own agent (buyer agent) for reasons that even agents with years of experience would advise. This is how it works, when a home gets listed on the market, it is first available on Torontomls.net, a system that only agents and their brokerages use. It normally takes 2 to 3 days for listings to appear on mls.ca (public website), and by this time it’s too late. A good home gets snapped up within a matter of hours or days.

Even Realtors sell their own homes to clients of buyer agents

Just recently I had put one of my own properties on sale. I lived in beautiful Erin Mills townhouse complex for over ten years. I knew what I needed to do to have my home appeal to the right buyer. My property was sold conditional within one day. Wow! Now, you know who to call to get your Mississauga property sold in a jiffy!

Guess who brought in an offer? A Buyer Agent!

It was a smart buyer agent who was quick. She was quick enough to get me a reasonable offer which I delightfully embraced. Rightfully so, she got paid as would any buyer agent would in the real estate business. If you are in the market actively looking to buy a property, don’t miss out on the best deals in town by hiring a full time buyer agent.

You will not pay me any fee, what so ever. In almost 99% of cases, buyer agents/brokerages get paid by the sellers. Call me to learn more about buyer agency to gain a better understanding on what a buyer agency can do for you, and how to go about selecting a right buyer agent.

Chances of Double Ending a Listing

Double ending a listing is often expressed when a listing agent sells his own client’s property by the way of multiple representation or customer service. Good Realtors always keep their client’s best interest in mind (in this case, I was my own client). And that’s why I chose to work with the first offer on the table rather than waiting to find my own buyer. In my opinion, property’s best selling price comes from open competition (of course, the right pricing, marketing and other factors come into play).

Thinking of selling Mississauga property?

If you are thinking of selling your property in matter of days, remember that it does not ring true that a hot real estate market is the only reason your property will sell quickly. There are many other things such as having the right price, the right marketing, and showcasing the property in a way to please the eyes of target market. And above all, the Right Agent On Your Side!