The Rosseau at Red Leaves, Muskoka Lakes

The Rosseau at Red Leaves, Muskoka


This is a life time opportunity to buy your own luxury hotel condominium suite at the court approved one day sale event. There is no question that over time, there is no better investment than real estate and this holds particularly true in Muskoka where even in the deepest of economic cycles, prices may dip but never crash. If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, the purchase of a luxurious vacation retreat in The Rosseau, a J.W. Marriott Resort & Spa, provides you with not only a safe investment but one which you enjoy with family and friends year round, creating lasting memories over the years…something the stock market cannot do!

When you purchase a suite in The Rosseau, you become the owner of a Whole Ownership Condominium with the added benefit of a world-renowned hotel operator renting your suite when you are not in residence providing you with rental income to help offset your operating expenses. Ownership in the Rosseau provides an excellent opportunity to own a piece of Muskoka without the hassles, work and costs associated with cottage ownership.  The international strength of the Marriott brand, combined with the state-of-the-art conference centre, incredible 13,500 sq. ft. spa, fine dining, 700 acre Nature Reserve, 18-hole championship golf course, vibrant village and marina will ensure that you enjoy strong earnings year round…even when you are not there relaxing and enjoying your suite!

A privileged few can still purchase from a selection of remaining luxurious suites.

Some General Info:

Price: Prices range from mid $160,000s for studio apartments, low $300,000 for one bedroom suites and mid $400,000 for two bedroom condominiums. All suites are tastefully furnished.

Finance: You can use bank finance and close as quickly as 30 days, 45 days or 60 days.

Condo fees: range from $1.02 per sq ft for 2009 and includes utilities, landscaping, snow removal, and upkeep of the resort condominium common elements, excludes spa, restaurants and commercial elements.

Property taxes: Based upon approx. 1.37% of purchase price per annum.

Ownership: On closing, you will be the owner of a condominium unit in a luxury hotel/condominium complex. You will have access to your suite for up to 9 weeks per year (up to 3 weeks, in the summer and two weeks in each of the other three seasons). The remainder of the year your hotel suite will be part of the rental pool available for guests of the hotel.

Service: The servicing and maintenance of the hotel are governed by a Rental Pool Management Agreement ( They will include your suite in the Marriott’s world-wide reservation system). You may elect to choose your suite for personal use as little as you choose and your suite will be entered into the rental pool for the remainder of your personal nine weeks each year. You will pay a lower rental pool management fee.

Income: Rental revenue will be based upon your suite’s proportional share of the total rental room revenue from the hotel, the meeting rooms and ballrooms, less all the associated costs as well as certain other deductions. A unit owner, however, will only be entitled to a distribution to the extent that the operations of entire hotel generate positive income. In addition, rental pool manager will charge a fee (26% to 30%) of the net revenue distributable to unit owners.

Resale: You can sell at any time subject to certain procedural requirements as described in the rental pool management agreement.

Above information is for general purpose only. Prospective purchasers will receive complete tour of the model suites, hotel resort, attend presentation and receive disclosure documents upon purchasing their suites.