Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Square One Condo

Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Square One Condo in Mississauga

Our Top ten reasons to buy a Square One condo can help you fulfill your desire of home ownership as a First Time Buyer or help you find a condo if you are looking to downsize or to serve as a reminder of why and how Mississauga real estate investment can help you achieve your financial freedom.

Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Square One Condo

While affordability and availability dominate condo buying decision in today’s marketplace, we will still give you our top ten reasons to buy a Square One condo. These reasons serve as a good reminder why condo living is not just a compromise, but a preferred way of life too.

1. Affordability

According to TREB stats, the average price of Mississauga condo as per Toronto Real Estate Market Watch Report is almost 35% cheaper than Downtown Toronto condo prices. This tell you that there is so much room for growth for Downtown Mississauga condo prices.

2. Choice 

Square One offers plenty of choice. As of now, there are almost 50-60 existing condo buildings at Square One and Hurontario area. Plus, there are some under construction and will be completed in the next 2-4 years. As a buyer, you can choose to buy from resale condos category or new condo category. Square One condo market is dynamic, strong and poised for growth in the coming years.

3. Location & Connectivity

Condo living is typically more popular and prominent in the downtown cores, and this is no less true for Mississauga’s City Centre or downtown Mississauga. Even if people have to commute for work, they find it a good trade-off for the amenities and convenience that the location provides. Easy access to highways, close proximity with the Toronto Pearson Airport and easy and frequent commuting connections with the GTA through GO Transit, BRT and LRT makes Square One a destination of choice for condo hunters.

4. Way of Life & Living

For those of you who don’t have the time, ability or the inclination for maintaining a home, a condo is your true dream home. So what if you have to pay a monthly condo fee (can include many utilities too). The perks and benefits definitely outweigh the cost of comfort. And for those who wish to go somewhere warmer in the harsh winters here, you know you can just lock and leave!

5. Amenities & Features

Most condo buildings offer close to five-star level services starting with the concierge and 24-hour security for your peace of mind. Many Square One Condos offer facilities such as a spa, salon, gym, pool, hot tub, sauna, games room, party room, board room, library, theatre, guest suites and even tennis courts.

6. Investment Potential

Investors have always sought out condos in Square One. Particularly if you plan to hold the property over the long-term, you can rent it to a qualified tenant and use the rental income to pay off the mortgage. You can reap the rewards of owning and leasing it out, and when time comes, you can yourself downsize and move into your condo, or maybe even give it to your adult children to start their new life. Square One rental market is very strong and enjoys very low vacancy rates.

7. Builder New Condo Development Hub

There are many pre-construction and under construction builder new condo projects at Square One, Mississauga. Square One skyline is set to become busy and attractive with iconic building shapes gracing the horizon. Currently, the price to buy a builder new condo at Square One hovers between $620-$650 per square foot with delivery around 2020.

8. Mixed Demography

Square One is also the multi-cultural and affluent hub of Mississauga downtown core. It boasts of diverse ethnicities and age groups. From students to millennials to top corporate executives to retiring baby boomers, Square One is equally home to everyone. Celebration Square comes alive with festivals and special celebrations all year round, which marks the rich diversity of Mississauga’s City Centre.

9. Area Features

Quick and easy accessibility to local area features is another plus point for Square One. Square One is a self-sufficient mini city in itself. Top local schools, Sheridan College, YMCA, Celebration Square, Central Library, Civic Centre, Square One Shopping Mall, Banks, Restaurants, Go Transit & Mississauga Transit hubs, Theatres, Living Arts Centre, Art Gallery of Mississauga – some of the best of what Mississauga has to offer can be found here.

10. LRT Project

The Hurontario-Main LRT Project is a light rail system which will span over 23 km, with 26 stops serving Mississauga and Brampton and including stops in the downtown Mississauga City Centre. It is obvious that condo prices will see an upward price trend, especially along the Huronatrio corridor and the Square One area.

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