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Making Sense of Toronto Real Estate Investment

When we talk or hear about Toronto real estate investment, a popular Warren Buffet quote comes to mind, and it rings true for this topic: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

By definition, a real estate investor is someone who actively or passively invests in real estate. An active investor is one who buys a property, undertakes repairs or improvements on the property, ultimately to sell it for a profit. A passive investor might still buy a property, but would rather hire someone or a company to manage the investment property.

Active or passive, end of the day, investors choose real estate for many reasons: managing cash flow, gaining from capital appreciation, taking advantage of depreciation, leverage and other tax benefits.

One of the advantages that we have going for us here in Canada is the strength of the Canadian economy. Toronto ranks very high amongst secure cities globally for real estate investment. In fact, with Ontario’s commitment to supporting businesses, and continuing to be among the world’s most innovative and stable markets to invest in, all currently bodes well for the security and appreciation of real estate investments.

Type of Toronto Real Estate Investment Properties or Opportunities

The options could include condo apartments, residential properties, vacant land and other investment properties. This list is by no means exhaustive, but intends to give you an idea of what our Team can offer you in Toronto Real Estate Investment market.

Income from Single Family Residential Property:

Toronto Real Estate Investment – How we can help

Team Kalia has been serving small investors since 2003. Most of our investors including young adults started off with baby steps.

Our investor clients buy resale properties, Square One condos, builder condos, condos for their retirement, or they may even buy real estate for their adult children. With time, our investors have gained enough experience and confidence, and some of them have bought more than one investment property.

Residential and investment real estate is our team’s forte, which means whether you want to sell or buy residential real estate for immediate or personal use, or as an investment property, we can get you what you want! When it comes to commercial real estate, our brokerage appoints one of the most successfully senior commercial realtors to serve you.

Investing Basics

Debunking Some Real Estate Investing Myths

New and Seasoned Investors should keep basic real estate investing rules in mind and keep updating their investing strategies
Investing Basics

Your One Realtor Stop for Residential & Toronto Real Estate Investment

When you are looking for an agent to buy residential or investment real estate, you need someone who is well acquainted with not just the local market, but also the type of property or business that you’d like to invest your hard-earned money into. You can tap into our core competency on residential real estate in Mississauga, Toronto and other parts of the GTA. We can also put you in touch with our RE/MAX commercial real estate colleagues when it comes to commercial investment opportunities.

End of the day, your success is measured by the ROI (return on investment) over the years. Team Kalia is here to help you build your investment ground up.

You Can Rely On Us

If you are a small to a medium sized investor, we are your one stop shop for Toronto Mississauga Real Estate Investment. And here’s what we can help you with:

  • Resale homes and condo including renovating homes to sell for profit
  • Builder new homes and condos
  • Renting real estate in Mississauga and area
  • Apartment buildings, townhouse rental complex or multi residential units like student housing, especially in smaller towns in Ontario
  • Raw Land or development site investing for a buy and hold strategy, or for development.
  • Buy homes on large lots for land value in South Mississauga, Burlington or Oakville with a buy and hold strategy or to rebuilt custom homes

We can help you with your real estate investment needs

Toronto real estate investment

Toronto Mississauga Condo Investment Opportunities are Aplenty

Ontario’s low vacancy rates have created a huge rental market. We help you buy and rent quality residential properties; freehold or condominium, resale or builder pre-construction properties in and around Mississauga. Our property management services make it easy for you to grow your investment hassle free.

Invest in condos- We rent and manage condos in Mississauga

We Provide You with a Sound Recommendation

We help find the right investment property based on your level of engagement with the investment (active or passive), your interests, location etc. We do the necessary research and provide you with our recommendation on existing investment opportunities, including entry costs, financing, returns etc.

Real estate market in Mississauga is growing fast

We do the Math for You

While we cannot make long-term predictions, we are here to provide you with a proposal that makes sound investment sense given the current market conditions with an outlook on the immediate future (1-2 years). We pride ourselves for our credibility and transparency.

Mississauga real estate investment realtors team

Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s

We put you in touch with top accountants and lawyers to review all documentation, terms and conditions to help ensure that your real estate investment is protected legally.

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