Homes that sell are Properties that are sold well

There is no doubt that the once hot Mississauga real estate market has cooled off (changed into a balanced real estate market) this summer. Many sellers are still expecting their home value to appreciate the way it has been for a few years now. Upon listing their property at a higher asking amount, many sellers are encouraging the buyers to just sit and wait for a price reduction.

Mind you, there are still many buyers in the Mississauga market, but due to a recent slow down in Ontario's economy and the falling real estate markets in some over-valued cities (Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Saskatoon and Regina) has scared off a lot of first-time buyers. The Global economic slowdown and the US housing market's downfall is simply adding fuel to the fire.

In fact, many hot Mississauga neighbourhoods are not hot any more. The types of home/condominium listings that sold in a jiffy or even received multiple offers are moving slowly now.

Sellers Need better salespeople, smarter marketing, creative selling & stunning Home interiors

In my opinion, there are many things that informed sellers and their agents can do to sell properties faster and for more. Gone are the days when anything would sell by itself. Now property sellers not only need competent REALTORS®; someone passionate about their work, but also ones with many creative ways to sell fast.

Price and Marketing are of paramount importance. Good price and marketing helps bring a lot of traffic/ buyers into the property. Once a buyer comes in, the only thing which helps sell is how the property looks from inside and shows in comparison to others out there.

If the property needs to be spruced up, go for it. With so much competition among available listings at one given time, only the homes that are priced well, marketed smartly and look better will sell first.

Buyers want to walk into a house and immediately envision themselves living there. Simple staging techniques like cleaning, organizing and de-personalizing can help to make your house buyer-friendly. One can also pay to hire home staging professionals. Their payback has been tremendous. I have myself used home stagers and recommend their invaluable services to sellers.

Sellers on a shoestring budget for improvements should at least invest in interior painting where one can expect immediate positive results.

Buyers Seek properties needing minimum out-of-pocket expenses


Buyers look for properties that need minimum out-of-pocket expenses. Here are two ways that sellers can benefit from.

Sellers should opt for pre-listing inspection before listing their property in the market. Condominium owners finding defects with the common elements can address the problems by informing their condominium corporation's management company. This way, the onus of fixing common elements moves onto corporation's property management company. Well managed condo corporations resolve problems before they become big.

Another way is to offer upgrades to the potential buyers. For example, sellers can head out to their local home interiors store in Mississauga, grab some samples of material that they/REALTOR® /Home Stager think needs to be changed. Then get some contractor to price it out for you. Offer the new buyers a choice to choose their own samples/finishes. Let them know the cost and add this price to your home price. Doing this serves two major objectives. One, sellers will be able to sell fast, second, buyers can move into their dream home with finishes that they themselves chose to live with. The price, though paid by the seller, comes at no extra cost to the buyers as the same is added into their home mortgage. Wow!

A lot goes in when it come to selling your home/condo. Let a professional guide you through the way. Call me to learn more about getting the true worth for your Mississauga home/condo and to sell fast.