Home Staging Helps Sell For More

Home Staging – It is more than de-cluttering!

home stagingStaging is not interior decorating. Home Staging is about marketing properties and making sure sellers are securing the existing equity in their property.  Staging is about making properties stand out from the rest while increasing the chance of a faster sale and potentially getting multiple offers.

Home Staging – Make it Beautiful and They Will Buy It!

Certified Staging Professionals are trained to stage with the intention of targeting as many potential buyers as possible.  By using lifestyle selling techniques, staging professionals make sure when they’re finished, their properties say. Wow, buy me!

If you’re not convinced that staging your property will increase your chances of a faster sale, ask yourself, “Can I afford a price reduction?”  The full cost of staging ranges anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 for an almost 3000 sq ft home. Just like renovations, staging should be thought of as an investment.  Home StagingYou are investing in properly marketing your property for sale.  You are essentially making sure potential buyers have little or next to nothing negative to say about your property thus leaving no reasons to “chip away” at your asking price.

In some cases, your agent may be able to help cover the cost of staging.  Most agents cover the cost of the initial consultation priced at few hundred dollars.  If your property is vacant however, there is no cost associated with having us come out and viewing the property.

Some home staging companies provide access to a large inventory of designer furniture and accessories, promising to have your property look like a model home in no time.

For an initial free staging consultation by a certified staging professional for your Mississauga home or condo call me today!