Where to live in the GTA – Know Your Options

Where to live in the GTA – Reality Check

Are you a newcomer to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), or a first time home buyer looking to buy your first, or perhaps someone looking to relocate to a different part of the GTA for one of many reasons?

The GTA is one of the most desirable places to live despite the high property prices. Nearly a fifth of Canada’s population lives in the GTA, and many newcomers choose to live in this region because of its employment opportunities and post-secondary education system.

However, there are many cities, towns, and communities in the GTA, making it challenging to choose where to live.

Moving to a new place comes with its own excitement and challenges. The same holds true for Canada. Finding a suitable home to buy, in your area of choice based on employment, schools or another criteria, is definitely not easy. The high home prices and low inventory, make it tough, especially with the growing Canadian  population.

As per RE/MAX, here are six ways to help determine where you want to live and how to select the right place.

The first step is to create a list of the top ten most desirable places to live, followed by outlining what matters most to you. It is also important to be realistic and maintain a budget when buying a home, get a home inspection, and stay updated on the housing market.

The GTA includes Toronto and the regional municipalities of Durham, Halton, Peel, and York. Each of these areas has unique features that appeal to different people.

Team Kalia has helped many new immigrants purchase their home in the GTA as Work Permit Holders or as Permanent Residents.

Here are some of the GTA real estate markets that Team Kalia has been serving since 2003.

Where to live in the GTA – Mississauga

Mississauga Real Estate Team KaliaLocated in the Regional Municipality of Peel, bordering Toronto to the east, Mississauga sits on the shores of Lake Ontario. With a population of over 721,000, it is the seventh-most populous municipality in Canada, and the second-most populous in the GTA, after Toronto itself.

In recent decades, Mississauga has become a hub for multiculturalism and a bustling center of commerce, with a thriving central business district.

In addition, it boasts Toronto Pearson International Airport, the busiest airport in Canada, and serves as the headquarters for numerous Canadian and multinational corporations.

March 2023 Average Home Prices in Mississauga

Detached: $1,553,304
Semi: $1,057,053
Condo Townhouse: $828,182
Condo Apartment: $614,758

Spotlight on Mississauga:

With its thriving economy and growing population, the real estate market in Mississauga has been experiencing steady growth over the past few years.

The average price of a home in Mississauga has been steadily increasing over the past five years.

In 2018, the average price of a home was $741,444, while in 2022, the average price has increased to $1,156,868. This represents a staggering increase of over 55% in just four years.

While this may seem like cause for concern for potential buyers, the good news is that the pace of growth seems to be slowing down. In fact, in the past year, the average price of a home in Mississauga has only increased by 1.4%. This indicates that the market may be stabilizing and becoming more balanced.

Another positive trend in the Mississauga real estate market is the increasing number of homes being sold.

In 2022, the number of homes sold in Mississauga increased by over 21% compared to the previous year. This is likely due to the city’s strong economy and growing population, as well as low interest rates and other incentives for home buyers.

One area of concern for the Mississauga real estate market is the number of new listings.

In 2022, the number of new listings decreased by 16.8% compared to the previous year. This could be due to a variety of factors, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty about the economy, and a lack of available land for development.

Despite this potential issue, the Mississauga real estate market remains a strong and growing market for both home buyers and home sellers. With its diverse population, strong economy, top schools and attractive location, it is a great place to invest in real estate.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced real estate investor, Mississauga offers a wide range of opportunities for growth and success.

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Toronto Real Estate Team KaliaToronto is the largest city in Canada and the fourth largest in North America, with a population made up of people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The city’s economy is highly diversified and boasts strengths in various industries, including technology, design, financial services, life sciences, education, arts, fashion, aerospace, environmental innovation, food services, and tourism.

The city has gained a reputation as a hub for international business, finance, arts, and culture, and is renowned for its multiculturalism.

March 2023 Average Home Prices in Toronto (Avg. of West, Central & East Toronto)

Detached: $1,708,373
Semi: $1,262,629
Condo Townhouse: $841,872
Condo Apartment: $732,944

View latest listings and learn more about condo buying in the different neighbourhoods of Downtown and Midtown Toronto

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Vaughan Real Estate Team KaliaSituated in the Regional Municipality of York, north of Toronto, is the township of Vaughan.

In terms of population, it is the 17th largest city in Canada and the fifth largest within the GTA.

Vaughan is notably famous for the theme park – Canada’s Wonderland and Vaughan Mills shopping mall.

Vaughan also serves as the third-largest employment hub in the GTA, following Toronto and Mississauga.

March 2023 Average Home Prices in Vaughan

Detached: $1,839,814
Semi: $1,169,722
Condo Townhouse: $936,204
Condo Apartment: $695,673

The residential real estate market in Vaughan, Ontario is thriving, offering a wide range of housing options to cater to diverse needs. From detached houses and townhouses to condos and luxury estates, there is something for everyone. The average home price in 2023 is projected to be $1.2 million, reflecting the desirability of this area.

The demography is diverse, attracting families, young professionals, and retirees alike. With excellent transportation links, including highways and public transit, commuting in and around Vaughan is convenient. The area also boasts good schools, making it an ideal choice for families. Numerous amenities, such as shopping centers, parks, and recreational facilities, contribute to a high quality of life for residents.


Brampton Real Estate Team KaliaBrampton is a Canadian municipality that ranks as the ninth most populous in the country and the third most populous in the Greater Golden Horseshoe urban region, following Toronto and Mississauga.

Brampton is located northwest of Toronto. Brampton’s growth represents just over 90% of the net population growth within the Region of Peel (between 2016 and 2021). It is a diverse community with 250 cultures.  Over time, Brampton’s population has increased substantially due to immigration.

Brampton is a green city providing access to more than 850 parks, many recreational amenities, open spaces, and trails.

Brampton’s economy is centered around various industries, such as advanced manufacturing, logistics, retail administration, food and beverage, life sciences, information and communication technologies, and business services.

March 2023 Average Home Prices in Brampton

Detached: $1,242,193
Semi: $956,742
Condo Townhouse: $728,821
Condo Apartment: $564,944

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Oakville Real Estate Team KaliaOakville is a town located in the Halton Region of Ontario, Canada. It sits on the shore of Lake Ontario, between Toronto and Hamilton.

The land between Etobicoke and Hamilton was bought from the indigenous Mississaugas people by the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada, with the exception of the land around Twelve Mile Creek (Bronte Creek), Sixteen Mile Creek, and along the Credit River.

In 1962, Oakville merged with its neighboring villages, including Bronte, Palermo, Sheridan, and the rest of Trafalgar Township, to become the new Town of Oakville.

Oakville is a highly desirable market, with higher home values than Mississauga.

March 2023 Average Home Prices in Oakville:

Detached: $2,046,817
Semi: $1,179,525
Condo Townhouse: $821,668
Condo Apartment: $811,418

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Burlington Real Estate Team KaliaBurlington is a Canadian city situated at the northwestern edge of Lake Ontario, in the Regional Municipality of Halton.

Along with Milton to the north, Burlington forms the western end of the Greater Toronto Area and is part of the Hamilton metropolitan census area.

Its diverse and thriving economic base is due to its location in southern Ontario (Canada’s largest consumer market), proximity to large industries, and excellent transportation infrastructure.

It is at the hub of the Golden Horseshoe area and is largely driven by both the automotive and manufacturing sectors.

March 2023 Average Home Prices in Burlington

Detached: $1,431,359
Semi: $1,027,696
Condo Townhouse: $826,863
Condo Apartment: $581,910

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Where to live in the GTA - OshawaOshawa is situated on the shores of Lake Ontario and is often considered the eastern endpoint of the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe. It is the largest municipality within the Regional Municipality of Durham. The name Oshawa has roots in the Ojibwa language, meaning the crossing place.

While it was once known as the Automotive Capital of Canada, Oshawa has shifted to become a hub for education and health sciences, although General Motors continues to be a significant contributor to the city’s economy.

Oshawa, a vibrant city located in the eastern part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), offers a plethora of opportunities for first-time home buyers. With a wide range of homes and condos for sale, excellent neighborhoods, reputable schools, and convenient public transportation, Oshawa stands out as an ideal place to settle down.

When it comes to housing options, Oshawa provides a diverse selection of homes and condos to suit various preferences and budgets. From charming heritage homes to modern condominiums, buyers can find an array of options that cater to their needs. The city boasts well-established neighborhoods such as Pinecrest, Samac, and Centennial, which are renowned for their community spirit, and amenities.

Demography & Area Amenities

With a diverse and growing population, Oshawa is known for its welcoming and inclusive community. The demography reflects a mix of young professionals, families, and retirees, fostering a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

In addition to its excellent housing options and transportation links, Oshawa boasts a wide range of amenities. Residents can enjoy numerous parks, recreational facilities, shopping centers, and dining options, providing a high-quality lifestyle right at their doorstep.


For families with school-age children, Oshawa offers top-tier education opportunities. Some of the notable school names in the area include Sinclair Secondary School, Maxwell Heights Secondary School, and Dr. SJ Phillips Public School. Moreover, the city is home to Durham College and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, offering excellent higher education options.

Transit Options & Commute to Downtown Toronto

Public transportation in Oshawa is highly accessible, making commuting to downtown Toronto a breeze. The city is well-served by GO Transit, Durham Region Transit, and Highway 401, ensuring convenient connections and hassle-free travel for residents. The commute time varies depending on the mode of transportation chosen, with car travel taking around 45 minutes to 1 hour, GO train services ranging from 55 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes, GO buses averaging 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes, and the Highway 407 East GO bus offering a quicker journey of approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Overall, Oshawa is an exceptional choice for first-time home buyers in the GTA with great neighborhoods, excellent schools, convenient transportation, and abundance of amenities. With its welcoming community and proximity to downtown Toronto, Oshawa offers the perfect balance between suburban tranquility and urban vibrancy.

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Whitby is a town situated on the northern shore of Lake Ontario in Durham Region. It is considered a commuter suburb located in the eastern region of the Greater Toronto Area. To accommodate the increasing population, new residential areas have been developed mostly in the north since the mid-1990s.

While the southern part of Whitby is urban and serves as an economic center, the northern part of the town is more rural.

The residential real estate market in Whitby, Ontario offers a diverse range of housing options to suit various needs. From single-family homes to townhouses and condominiums, there is something for everyone. The average home price in 2023 is projected to be around $800,000, making Whitby an attractive choice for homebuyers.

The demography of the area is characterized by a mix of young families and retirees, creating a vibrant community. Transportation in Whitby is well-developed, with easy access to highways and public transit. The area boasts several good schools, providing quality education for residents.

Additionally, there are numerous amenities, including shopping centers, parks, and recreational facilities, enhancing the quality of life in Whitby.

March 2023 Average Home Prices in Whitby

Detached: $1,141,559
Semi: $918,627
Condo Townhouse: $751,750
Condo Apartment: $650,354


Where to live in the GTA - AjaxAjax or Town of Ajax by the Lake,  is a vibrant place to live in the Durham Region. Nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario, it is a sought-after destination for homebuyers. Known for its diverse community and excellent amenities, Ajax offers a range of housing options, attracting residents from various backgrounds.

The town features a variety of home types, including detached houses, townhouses, and condominiums. Detached houses are the most prevalent, offering spacious layouts and typically priced higher than other property types.

Townhouses and condominiums, on the other hand, provide a somewhat more affordable options for those seeking a lower-maintenance lifestyle.

Demography & Area Amenities

Demographically, Ajax boasts a diverse population, with a mix of different ethnicities and ages. The town has a strong sense of community and offers various services to cater to its residents’ needs, including healthcare facilities, recreational centers, and shopping districts.

The town also boasts a range of amenities, including waterfront parks & activities, golf, Casino Ajax, horse racing at Ajax Downs, local trails, libraries, sports facilities, and entertainment venues. Residents can enjoy outdoor activities at Rotary Park or explore cultural events at the St. Francis Centre.


For families with children, Ajax offers a range of top-rated schools, including J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate and Pickering High School, renowned for their academic excellence and diverse extracurricular activities.

Additionally, Durham College and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology are located within a short distance, providing further educational opportunities for residents.

Transit Options & Commute to Downtown Toronto

Ajax enjoys excellent transportation infrastructure, with easy access to major highways such as Highway 401 and Highway 407. Public transportation options include GO Transit, which offers regular train and bus services, connecting residents to nearby cities and downtown Toronto efficiently.

For those seeking to travel to downtown Toronto, commuting options are readily available. GO Transit offers frequent train services from the Ajax GO Station, allowing residents to reach downtown Toronto within approximately 45 minutes, avoiding heavy traffic and parking challenges.

With its attractive qualities, Ajax continues to attract homebuyers looking for a desirable place to call home.

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Where to live in the GTA- PickeringPickering, located in the Greater Toronto Area, is a vibrant city with rich history, natural beauty, vibrant downtowns and quaint hamlets. Pickering offers a variety of housing options, including detached homes, townhouses, condominiums, and semi-detached properties.

These options cater to the needs of different individuals and families, providing a range of sizes and architectural styles to choose from.

Demography & Area Amenities

The demography of the region is characterized by a mix of ethnicities, families, young professionals, and retirees. Residents enjoy a variety of amenities, including shopping centers, parks and recreational facilities.

The Pickering Town Centre provides residents with a wide array of shopping and dining options. Nature and hiking lovers can enjoy the hidden treasures on the Waterfront Trail or walk along the Petticoat Creek Pedestrian Bridge.


Some of the top schools in Pickering include Dunbarton High School, Pine Ridge Secondary School, and St. Mary Catholic Secondary School. For post-secondary education, students can attend Durham College or the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

Transit Options & Commute to Downtown Toronto

Transportation in Pickering is well-developed, with easy access to major highways including Highway 401 and the future Highway 407 expansion.

The city is also served by GO Transit and the Durham Region Transit, providing convenient travel options to downtown Toronto and other surrounding areas. Additionally, there are local bus routes within Pickering, ensuring residents have access to public transportation.

It takes approximately 1h 30m to get from Pickering to Downtown Toronto, including transfers. You can take a bus from Pickering to Downtown Toronto via Unionville GO Bus.

All these factors make Pickering an attractive location for individuals and families looking to settle in the Greater Toronto Area.

Browse Latest For Sale Listings in Pickering


Milton Real Estate Team KaliaMilton is a municipality located in the Halton Region, part of the GTA. It is renowned for being the fastest growing town in Canada with big population jumps over the years. In 2016, Milton’s census population was 110,128 with an estimated growth to 228,000 by 2031.

Milton’s public elementary and secondary schools are part of the Halton District School Board and the the Halton Catholic District School Board.

The town has very easy access throughout the GTA by Highways 401 and 407 towards Oakville, Burlington.

The town is well-known for its picturesque conservation parks, campgrounds, and recreational areas.

March 2023 Average Home Prices in Milton

Detached: $1,411,213
Semi: $1,007,783
Condo Townhouse: $781,667
Condo Apartment: $666,738

View Homes For Sale in Milton

Halton Hills

Halton Hills Real Estate Team KaliaHalton Hills, a town situated in the northwestern region of the Greater Toronto Area, falls under the jurisdiction of the Regional Municipality of Halton.

The area boasts of several breathtaking natural landmarks, such as the Niagara Escarpment and the Bruce Trail.

The popular GTA shopping attraction – Toronto Premium Outlets, is also located in Halton Hills.

Georgetown and Acton are the main population hubs of Halton Hills, complemented by various rural communities and hamlets scattered throughout the region.

March 2023 Average Home Prices in Halton Hills

Detached: $1,210,333
Semi: $877,333 (Feb 2023)
Condo Townhouse: $657,633
Condo Apartment: $517,500

In addition to these markets in the GTA, Team Kalia also serves residential real estate markets in Hamilton, Ancaster, Guelph, Kitchener & London.

London is located in southwestern Ontario, just north of Lake Erie and the U.S. border. It is home to the University of Western Ontario. London is known for higher education, medical research, manufacturing and technology, and it is fast becoming one of the destinations of choice for young families moving to Canada.

North York

Are you considering buying a home or condo in North York, Ontario? North York offers a diverse range of housing options, excellent neighborhoods, top-notch schools, and convenient public transportation options.

North York boasts a wide variety of homes and condos for sale, catering to different budgets and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a spacious detached home, a cozy townhouse, or a modern condo, North York has something for everyone. The real estate market here is vibrant, with plenty of options to choose from.

When it comes to neighborhoods, North York has several highly sought-after areas. Some of the top neighborhoods include Willowdale, Bayview Village, and Don Mills. These neighborhoods offer beautiful green spaces and easy access to amenities like shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Demography & Area Amenities

North York’s demography is diverse and multicultural, fostering a rich cultural tapestry. This vibrant mix of cultures creates a welcoming and inclusive community that celebrates diversity.

In terms of amenities, North York has it all. From shopping malls like Fairview Mall and Yorkdale Shopping Centre, supermarkets to parks and recreational facilities, everything you need is just a short distance away. Residents can enjoy a wide range of dining options, entertainment venues, and outdoor activities, ensuring a fulfilling lifestyle.


Parents searching for a home in North York will be pleased to know that the area is home to some of the best schools in Ontario. Notable school names include Earl Haig Secondary School, Claude Watson School for the Arts, and York Mills Collegiate Institute.

Additionally, the presence of prestigious colleges and universities, such as Seneca College and York University, make North York an ideal location for higher education seekers.

Transit Options & Commute to Downtown Toronto

For those who rely on public transportation, North York offers excellent options. The area is well-served by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), with numerous bus routes and subway stations connecting residents to downtown Toronto and other parts of the city.

Commute to downtown Toronto from North York is a breeze, thanks to the efficient public transportation system and proximity to major highways. Residents can easily access downtown Toronto within 30 minutes, making it a convenient choice for working professionals and commuters.

North York, Ontario is gaining popularity among first-time home buyers in the GTA due to diverse housing options, excellent transportation infrastructure, abundant amenities, and promising growth prospects. These factors collectively make North York an attractive and feasible choice for those looking to purchase their first home in the Greater Toronto Area.

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