How To Buy a Mississauga Home

Buy Mississauga home with a buyer agent or the listing agent?

First time buyers are usually in a dilemma about who to buy a property in Mississauga from. Buying a property on your own is definitely not recommended, for so many legal issues.

Sometimes buyers can also fall into the trap of buying a home from a listing agent instead of a buyer agent. This mistake is usually made by first time buyers because they believe that they may be saving money by doing so.

First time buyers may feel that since they will be dealing with just one salesperson representing both the buyer and seller, there could be savings for the seller in terms of commission, and the seller could pass on some of that savings to the buyer.

But the point to remember is, can the listing agent give you the same quality service as a qualified buyer agent?

The difference is that the listing agent’s primary allegiance is with the seller. So property prices are in favour of the seller and not the buyer. Brokerages have to disclose relevant information on the property defects to the sellers but refrain from taking the buyer into confidence on such shortfalls.

A good buyer agent in Mississauga works in favour of the buyer. The contingencies in the contract protect you more than the seller and keep confidential any information that could hurt you as the buyer.

A buyer agent will direct you to the right properties for you and guide you away from the undesired homes and neighbourhoods. The buyer agent on the other hand talks to the buyer on anything that can affect the buyer’s interests, without withholding important issues.

As your buyer agent in Mississauga, my agreement/contract involves everything to protect you. It is a relationship based on trust, faith and finding best deals for the buyer.

If you are looking at the Mississauga market to buy a property, call me for a no-strings attached consultation. In most cases, buyer agents get paid by the sellers. However, for me, the interests of my buyer comes foremost and I do not accept any fee whatsoever for this meeting.

What matters most in buying Mississauga property is speed and knowing where to search for the right property such as strategic websites, open houses, etc.

Let me give you my own example.

Sometime ago, I had put one of my own properties for sale. With the right pricing, marketing and home staging, my property was lapped up by a good buyer agent in no time at all!

Home listings first appear on the, which is accessed only by brokers and real estate agents. Only about a day later listings appear on the public website ( A good home can be sold in hours, instead of days. Such was my case.

Let me remind you that a hot and happening real estate market is not the only reason for a good buy or sales. It is important for a buyer to sniff out the best properties for their client in the best neighbourhoods for them and clinch the deal before others.

Delayed decision making can also mean settling for compromises.

For sellers, it is crucial to know the right pricing, marketing and showcasing to reach out to the right buyers at the earliest.

Experienced real estate agents have the foresight to recognize and reward the buyer or seller with their dream home or dynamic sales.

Buyer agents can pinpoint which properties won’t work for their clients. This is something listing agents are not equipped to do.

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