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First time buyers: Prosperity & Property in Mississauga

It is a well known fact that Canada is among the “top countries to live”. The government plays a vital role in offering support to new immigrants and upcoming businesses to help them settle down. There are several special incentives, funding schemes, tax relief programs and pension support to make sure residents and citizens enjoy a comfortable life.

Neighbourhoods are self-contained with schools, shops, restaurants, medical facilities and scenic spots in the vicinity. What’s more, development is centred on not just present comforts, but also future growth.

The government offers several incentives to first time buyers. The Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP) and the First-Time Home Buyer’s Credit (HBTC) are designed to help newcomers invest in their first homes. First time buyers with a good credit history and a job are allowed to buy with a down payment of only 5%. There is a choice of housing from condos, townhouses, detached homes, semi-detached homes, single homes in Mississauga for immigrants from diverse backgrounds.


The First-Time Home Buyer Incentive has been discontinued. The deadline for new or updated submissions for the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive is midnight ET on March 21, 2024. Read more on the CMHC website.

However, new immigrants often face a tug-of-war situation on certain home investment decisions.

Should you rent or buy your first home? Should you settle for a condo or a house? Should you skip a smaller apartment and jump straight into a bigger home? The government has good incentives for newcomers and first time buyers. However, availability and affordability are key considerations in today’s real estate market in Mississauga.

When you invest, you build equity even as you gain from price appreciation. There is a plethora of housing choices available. To get the best guidance, you should talk with a locally experienced real estate broker. Team Amit Kalia has helped many first time buyers not just with buying, but buying the right type of property, in the right neighbourhood.

First time buyers especially need good guidance at every step

Check for testimonials online, research thoroughly and rely less on part-time salespeople or inexperienced friends.  A full-time professional team will be well versed with the dynamics of property investment in Mississauga and area and help you understand the market conditions. Some over ambitious newcomers or first time buyers tend to skip renting or investing in a small apartment and jump straight into a bigger home. This may not always serve well. Even if it is not on top of your agenda, you can slowly buy what is suitable in your 5% down payment budget and build equity. Later you can always upgrade to a bigger, more spacious home.

Before you take a decision on your first home investment, it pays to shortlist some important questions for yourself:

  • How much can you afford?
  • As a buyer will you pay real estate commission?
  • What is the minimum down payment for a newcomer?
  • Before buying your property how do you locate the best schools?
  • What are the government incentives for first time buyers in Ontario?
  • What is RRSP Home Buyer’s Plan (HBP)?
  • Is there any HST home buying rebate?
  • Do first time buyers pay land transfer tax?
  • What is first time buyer tax credit?
  • As an investor do you qualify for first time buyer rebates?
  • Can you buy a home or a condo on a work permit?

We feel that affordability depends most importantly on your gross household income, your down payment and the mortgage interest rate. Lenders will also consider your assets and liabilities. Your own lifestyle and debt comfort zone also come into play.

The “Welcome to Canada” program for permanent residents and newcomers allows you to purchase a home with 35% down payment. The down payment requirement may be reduced to a slow as 5%, if you find permanent employment in Canada.

There are several incentives and schemes for first time buyers in Ontario. Below are some first time home buyer incentives/ rebates: RRSP Home buyers plan, Ontario land transfer tax rebate of up to $4,000, HST rebate for new home buyers, First time buyer tax credit and Our Special Home Ownership Incentive.

Resale homes are exempted from HST in Ontario. HST is payable on builder new homes and condos.

Some other considerations for First Time Buyers, Newcomers & People on a Work Permit

Can People on Work Permit Buy Property in Mississauga (Canada)?

If you buy immediately upon arriving in Canada, you will be hit by 15% Foreign Buyer Tax. However, this amount is reimbursed to you when you get your Permanent Residence (PR).

What is Better – to Rent or Buy a Property after becoming a Permanent Resident? 

We highly recommend buying vs. renting, as renting is simply throwing away money (or paying off someone else’s mortgage), which you will agree, mostly does not make prudent sense.  We conduct First Time Buyer sessions for Permanent Residents of Canada looking to buy in 1-2 years of landing. This informative session will clear any questions or concerns that you may have about buying a home or a condo in Mississauga & area as a First Time Buyer. By far the most important factor is building your own real estate wealth as soon as possible.

Remember – the amount that you pay as rent on a monthly  basis can cover the cost of your own mortgage on your own home or condo, depending on the down payment that you are able to put in at the time of buying.

Second important consideration is that Real estate market is doing very well in Canada & some property types are still affordable.

However, we do understand that circumstances might compel you to rent initially, before you can buy. This is fine and we can help even in this scenario.

What is the Rent Now – Buy Later Program

As part of this program we can assist you with finding a suitable property to rent for 1-2 years (max). Closer to the end of your lease term (or earlier depending on your readiness to purchase), we will start sending you for sale listings that closely match your needs. We will arrange for showings so that you can cherry pick the home or condo you would like to buy.

As a Buyer, when you Buy your home or condo with Team Kalia, you DO NOT pay us any fee or commission, as the Buyer Broker fee or commission is typically covered by the Seller in Canada.

What are the Rent Now-Buy Later Program Benefits

  • Ideal for Newcomers, People on Work Permit, Millennial Home Buyers, First Time Home Buyers in Mississauga
  • Gives you peace of mind – helps you secure a unit for rent in a typically tight rental market
  • Gives you confidence – knowing that you will soon become a homeowner & contribute towards your own mortgage payment
  • Allows you time to save for a down payment towards your home purchase
  • Gives you time to figure out the best neighbourhood to buy in, based on your work, school & other criteria
  • Makes you an informed buyer as we will educate you about mortgage, resale vs. builder new options, first time buyer incentives & much more
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Buying your first home sounds a bit daunting?

Nothing serves better than relying on experienced full-time realtors to help find you your first home or condo. Explore your Mississauga home & condo buying options.
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