Renovating Home to Sell in Mississauga? Think again.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m all for upgrading and renovating home to sell. For preparing your home to list for sale, nothing speeds up sales than  immaculately done up interiors and exteriors. A beautifully renovated home in Mississauga yields not just solid returns, but can also lower utility bills for home buyers. The importance of renovating home to sell in Mississauga, or elsewhere in the GTA cannot be overlooked.

Strike the right balance when renovating home to sell.

Over renovating can do more harm than good. Most home buyers prefer to have their own touch in their home. If the decor doesn’t match up to their tastes, your Mississauga home may be sitting unwanted for longer than you intended. But this does not mean you should go overboard either. More is not always merrier when it comes to home renovation. Preparing your home to list for sale to earn high returns does not mean extensive repair work or expensive upgrades. In fact, it is quite the contrary.

Little improvements often mean make a bigger difference. Step up the value of your home with smart home renovations instead of steep ones. And don’t ignore the exteriors while doing so. First things first! Smart home renovations start with fixing the repair work, then sprucing up the exterior, and finally working your way to look at the interior decor.

In my decade long career as a real estate professional in Mississauga, I’ve noticed that unfinished details can bring down your home sales and well finished decor can drive it up. First impression is usually the last impression so make sure you blow them away. Here are a few pointers to give you some direction to prepare your home to list for sale. Call us and we will guide you on how to retrofit your home to save energy, lower utility bills, green your home for more visual appeal and lower ecological footprint etc. Read why some homes don’t sell.

Renovating home to sell is synonymous with repair.

Mend cracks, plaster walls and fix leaking taps, check heating and electric points. Then work on the exteriors. Trim the lawn, snip the hedges, weed the garden and place potted flowers to add that extra colour. Clean out garages and garbage bags while you are at it.

Once you shift your attention to the interiors, first focus on your kitchen and bathroom. These are the key areas that home buyers come to inspect. Upgrade with new fixtures, cabinets and tiles and see how they turn things around for you. Refreshing the walls with fresh paint is a must. Avoid loud shades and dramatic trends that don’t fit in with your neighbourhood homes.

I can’t stress the importance of de-personalizing (to a certain extent) your home when you are renovating and preparing your home to list for sale. It is important to get rid of things that remind a prospective buyer of YOU. However, that does not mean that you need to put away every single item. You can certainly leave selected pieces that will attract buyers.

Start re-arranging and reorganizing to make sure THEY feel at home instead. How do you do that? Add a new carpet. Do up your walls in neutral shades. Flower power on your wall paper is out. Soft, pastel shades are in. Create the illusion of space by removing excess furniture and fitting in pieces strategically. Keep it modern, keep it simple and see how home sales turn sweeter.

If you have a pet, do remember, most people may not warm up to your pooch the way you do. Clean up furry carpets, clean drapes and window blinds, eliminate odours and stairs and replace light bulbs.

If you need a good handyman or further tips on renovation or preparing your home to list for sale, I’m always there to sound you out.

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