De-cluttering-Home selling tips

De-Cluttering need not mean De-Personalizing

I must say that 2014 has kicked off to a good start for me.

I feel happy to know that I have helped three families move into their own homes from rentals right at the start of the year. It looks like the 2014 housing market is on a roll and people are going places.

Last week, I visited one of my clients at the Churchill Meadows neighbourhood in Mississauga to list their beautiful corner lot semi-detached home. I was helping my sellers prepare their home for sale.

My clients are avid readers of my blog. They also happened to see my Re/Max “Fit to Sell” videos that I had sent a night before.

We started discussing de-cluttering of their Mississauga home before it is listed for sale. My clients were concerned that they were expected to fully de-personalise their home as is often suggested by home stagers.

I agree to what the experts recommend but my experience also tells me to often tweak what I learnt in school from my experiences on the field.

Selling has been my profession since 1988 and I have come up the the ranks. Being a people’s person, I am always tuned in to the buyers’ and sellers’ thought process.

My experience at the market place allows me to come up with tips for my clients that are sometimes considered unique.

I believe that everyone has the right to express one’s opinion and that should be respected. Reason why I never feel shy to put in my two-cents worth. Take it or leave it, the choice is yours!

My two cents on de-personalizing

De-Cluttering - De-personalising home before selling tips!

I honestly feel that it doesn’t pay to remove every single item that reminds a buyer of you when you are de-personalising your home for selling in Mississauga.

There are often collectibles that switch the buyer’s mind into the buying mode.

How could anyone be put off by such a beautiful sight of an elegant frame showing a vibrant shot of smiling children?

Buyers often find out how long you have lived in your home from salespeople. Don’t you think that your lovely, happy children have grown up in this home?

Beautiful memories, delightful knick knacks, elegantly arranged items can add positive vibrations to your home and attract buyers like magnet. A cold, barren home can strip away the warm feeling of having lived in.

Buyers are quick to put two and two together. They usually assume that the seller is moving out because they may be moving up in their career.

They assume that you may be buying a bigger home to upgrade your lifestyle which usually translates to the current home in Mississauga bringing your family love, luck, laughter and success. Isn’t that a good sign?

In the same context, your professional degrees decorating on your wall could give the same impression. It talks of the buyer’s qualifications, sound character and high educational background.

Prospective buyers are always happy to deal with highly educated sellers, trust them more and are ready to pay extra since they have more faith in their choices.

Little expressions of your personality and background go a long way in giving your buyers the right impression to buy your home from you.

If you are a cab driver, I wouldn’t worry about your cab in the drive way either. It talks about your respectable profession and the fact that you have done well enough to be able to invest in a new home.

A home that is well presented and staged, marketed nicely, and is offered at a better price, will always sell faster. Your profession makes little difference to the home sales.

Prospective buyers and sellers attempt to find out more about each other through LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ etc. once they are aware of the other party’s name through public records or when the offer is presented.

Walking into a well presented home can speak volumes more on the character and background of the seller.

So de-cluttering need not always mean de-personalizing to the extent of stripping your home of its character.

Isn’t it nice to know that from a real estate sales professional in Mississauga? Thinking of selling? Call me at 905-339-5111 today!